Different Kinds of Threats and How Cisco Solves them

Any business keeps vital information used for daily transactions. The daily routine usually includes the sales life cycles, expense reports, and inventory of stocks. All crucial transactions of a company require money. Payments and sales revenue are often transferred online. Viruses could take advantage of a company’s vulnerability. This action results to financial loss. Here are some of the most common threats to our computer system and recommended Cisco Products:


Remember those people who put hardware on your city’s ATM then copy the keystrokes to withdraw money from the same machine? In principle, keyloggers are the same. They copy your passwords using the keys you placed on the keyboard. It is super annoying, plus it does not only endangers your PIN but your identity too.

Recommended Cisco Product: Cisco Secure Workload

Cisco Secure Workload lets employees type on their keyboards safely while using their clouds. Security check, which filters even the minuscule details. With this product, personal information of employees together with their office works remains guarded.


Denial of Service

Is it still your computer when if you can not control it? Imagine going home and not being able to access your door. You have a television, but you are banned from using it. If you compare DDoS to a disease, then it indeed is in the late stage. Software users and developers loses a lot of money because of DDoS attacks.

Recommended Cisco Product: Cisco Secure DDoS IKev2

Denial of service takes a toll on a system with sophisticated designs and unexpected behaviors. Ikev2 can check patterns and identify new methods of attacks. The system check files and applications which are duplicate to provide users maximum speed and agility.



People often joke about how the person they meet online seems to be a different human being in person.  Some swindling sites give users the same problem. We all know that mobile phones and laptops often read minds. You are searching for a Husky, then suddenly all ads on your computer are related to dogs. Swindlers take advantage of this feature. It makes pretentious sites suitable to your taste then steals your data.


Recommended Cisco Product: Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client

The product detects all devices connected to the system. Moreover, it could detect when a third-party malware is being attached to the system. The system checks the name of the users’ sites and compares them with other similar sites. Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client ensures that the website is functioning the way it is supposed to. Moreover, it can detect impostors so as other Cisco Products. Most people attacked by Swindlers are working remotely. Not all are knowledgeable about Cyber Security, and it is good to keep a system that detects all networks connected.


What is worse than a nagging person? A mischievous software sending you emails repetitively with an ulterior motive is frustrating but preventable. Spams are usually detected by each mail system and sorted into their folder. Spam emails look harmless at the start; however, it is not the long paragraphs that make it dangerous but the clickable sites that come with it.

Recommended Cisco Product: Cisco Secure Mail

Cisco Secure Mail optimizes Microsoft 365 products, especially Microsoft Outlook. Cisco Secure Mail provides users with twenty-four seven encryption. When something is encrypted, information is not easily read, just by anyone. When a mail’s format is different from the standard encryption the system uses, Cisco Secure Mail sends an alert to the system.



You thought you won that raffle and gave your information through that form. Phishing sites work in two ways. Some sites make you click on a link, while other sites mimic legit organizations and lets you put your information.

Recommended Cisco Product:  Cisco Identity Services Engine

Cisco Identity Service Engine knows how to mitigate and avoid threats. The “Build Your Own Device” feature lets employees use their laptops in the comfort of their room without being complacent with viruses. Consequently, product assesses previous security and integrates it with the advanced technology of Cisco.



A worm is a self-replicating program that is autonomous. Worms are generally distributed through Spam Mail. A worm can start invisible then manifest its attack by trying to change roles within the system. With this, the attacker can access vital information.

Recommended Product: Cisco Secure End Point

Standard antivirus can detect malware at a late stage. Antiviruses are effective, but because of the time spent by the worm to multiply, reemergence is possible. Cisco Secure Endpoint traces the activities of a computer daily. The Zero Trust Feature makes the system see through product files in advance. Files are thoroughly checked at     first contact. Any anomalies are quarantined right away.



Robots helps human beings with everyday tasks. While bots are supposed to be harmless regretfully some unethical developers used them for selfish gain. Blame the creators, not the AI. Bots are the reason why we need to type those captcha words. Bots often mess with someone’s revenue. For example, robots purchases products instead of genuine buyers. Bots are often used in Pay-Per-Click websites by some unreliable companies. Bot anomalies charge clients more without getting organic clicks. Sadly, not all institutions have protection.


Recommended Cisco Products: Cisco Bot Analysis

Cisco Bot Analysis differentiates mechanical clicks and organic clicks thru the help of captcha and image recognition tests. It avoids attacks from human-pretending machines by studying behaviors of bots beforehand.

The system is known for its high-end security . The products mentioned earlier proves that Cisco system is versatile. Some of the products mentioned can be used as proxies in solving other issues.  To find out more about how Seven IT Technologies can help you with Cisco Security Sytems, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at sales@sevenit.com.


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