Extreme Networks Helping Industries Thrive Better

Extreme Networks Helping Industries Thrive Better

Change is inevitable. The annual activities of the world have been postponed. In result to this, studying, eating out, and doing everyday activities could now become life-threatening. The new normal is not a typical walk in the park. Therefore, challenging times have become so difficult than ever.

The pandemic made technology  more critical today. The health situation prohibits people to meet. Technology keeps everyone happy in their houses, hospitals running, offices proactive, and schools staying operational. What sets Extreme’s Platform apart from others is how it simplifies complicated things to people. 

Saving the Environment One Hardware at a time

Extreme networks create new strategies based on both old and new models. Even if other companies care about innovation, Extreme still knows the value of old models of hardware. Extreme integrates old shells with new software. The question is, why is there a need not to rip obsolete models? While buying new models most of the time is possible, it does not come at a cheap price. Longevity in hardware could provide users the same updates sans the aesthetics.

Governance with No Room for Mistakes

When the world leader goes into a convention, guards follow them wherever they may go. Their role is vital as their success could mean a nation’s success too. Their downfall, on the other hand, may lead to catastrophe and conflicts.

Imagine the world leaders in one conference and how frustrating it would be if the connection suddenly disappears. Different people using the internet simultaneously because of civic duties would never experience losing connection with Extreme Networks. The Extreme Defender product keeps the security of data is hard to breach.

Workers take on different roles. Employers usually assigns network access  tasks to employees manually. Extreme lets employees define specific roles on the internet. Employees send files simultaneously with different limitations. These problems with a job description are avoided.

Academic Businesses Right on Track with Extreme Networks

Extreme networks creates an excellent venue for education because students especially those in higher years are overwhelmed with online school activities. Students perform poorly because of long-time interaction on the internet . The company replaces boring and complex online learning systems with engaging AI-powered classes. Scalable networks help professors do their grading systems well. Extreme Networks anticipate future needs. They add new features of security  to help the school remain exclusive.

Leisure with Extreme Networks and Wifi-6

People go on vacation because they want to have a great time. While the new normal suggests that traveling is limited, only a few establishments are given the right to host people. The years have changed the checklist for a great vacation. Many would mention food, amenities, and safety as their reason to stay. What many people forget to mention is the strength of the Wi-Fi. They may not admit it, but people are hang up on their phones.

A great ambiance is not sufficient. For an instance, people need to connect to feel satisfied. Gone are the days when people can stand going to the beach without posting. Wifi 6 of Extreme networks always ensures that customers are pleased. The high-density performance of their wifi makes Extreme Networks reliable wherever they are. Extreme Networks host big sports events because they are agile and consistent.

Health Records Intact


Patients’ data usually are penned down; however, there are times when looking for a record is critical. Secured network with a vast capacity is essential in running a hospital. Hospital employees should keep patient’s records and social security numbers in 360 degree view. Extreme Networks provides users, especially administrators, and the chance to oversee everything in just one place. Even if, hackers have a hard time hacking hospitals now they still can. DDOS threats or ransomware in a medical setup could do fatal damages. Extreme networks gives people peace of mind by providing state-of-the-art security systems and unbreachable cloud systems.

Extreme Networks Routers Role in Manufacturing

Manufacturers need dexterous connections to yield thousands of products in a day. Computers power productions, whatever the goods offered to clients are. The degree of dependence on artificial intelligence is directly proportional to the level of difficulty the product is to produce but not everyone has the resources.

Routers control the networks and transfers data from the internet to a specific IP address. An organization needs vast Routers’ scope to have  a stable internet connection. Manufacturing goods with CPU-powered machines would be hard when you have zero to a limited amount of connectivity. Extreme Routers are created to cater to different kinds of organizations. The routers come with strict security and encryption features. Fortunately, extreme networks created built-in coppers and fibers. Moreover, they are not made of bulky hard shells .


Extreme Routers is far-reaching and adapting to different enormous organizations. Extreme Routers have  different uniquely designed products for different needs. It provides beautifully engineered software and helps people whatever skill level they may have of Information Technology. Instead of products, they sell consumers a new system or a simplified way of life. The most dangerous and widespread organizations trust them for special missions. In other words, Extreme Network is not merely a business but a partner in security and network operations. Extreme Networks’ interface is solely based on what an institution offers. Unlike other providers who sell general products, Extreme’s product lineups for schools differ from their lineup of hotel products. Their products for manufacturing are different from their products in the government sectors.

Above all, Extreme Networks has solutions for every entity which help them produce maximum results. Extreme designed products which  works in different workspaces, from mobile setups to the Universities and Country offices. Buying Extreme product is a sound investment. Seven It  solutions may help you get your Extreme Ecosystem or similar products. For inquiries and questions on how to purchase, please send us your information and email us at info@sevenit.com, and we would be glad to assist you.




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