Fluke Networks Review

Providing Network Engineers Assurance

Like other occupations with primary tools, Network engineers depend on fibers and wiring to be productive at work. Fiber networks can not be checked using bare hands inspections. Detecting problems need specific technology. Fluke Networks provide clients with real-time ready products specifically designed to install, test, and maintain networks.

Their products range from certifiers, testers, and cleaners. The products have different functions that aim to strengthen one organization’s Network system for a long time. Here are some of the positive attributes of Fluke Networks: 


Protection for Engineers

As much as you want to prove that you have thoroughly inspected the networks, verbal words are still not enough. You need to provide proof to your clients. Fluke Networks creates Certifier devices. Certifications are proofs to customers that their networks have gone through the step-by-step process required.


Fluke Networks is home to different great products that are used in certifying network

engineering. There is three certification Versiv Cable Certification provides state of the real-time art results that can be used in different devices. Other certifiers give results that require extra work. With devices like that, human error is very likely to happen.  


Responsible Installation


Everyone is in a rush to finish all their duties and responsibilities. Sadly, there is the staff who install products, specifically network wires, without investigating them thoroughly. They would not encounter problems right now, but this puts their installed networks at risk for an untimely shutdown in the future.


Some of them leave after testing if there is a connection but fail to recognize problems that are not visible with the eyes. Others have the initiative, but they lack the tools needed. Fluke Network’s array of products for certification can solve this dilemma. Fluke networks’ certifier device roster includes Versiv Cable Certification, Fiber Certification, and

Copper Certification.

Real-Time Ready Products

Circumstances in the office or could cause an abrupt disturbance with a significant effect on the connection. LinkIQ™ Cable + Network Tester lets you troubleshoot with an instant pass or fail result. The product has a touch screen interface which makes the connection with Live View with AutoFocus and AutoCentering easy. Moreover, the device is compatible with either Ios or Android.


The LinkWare Live interface lets you manage your testers and view your results immediately. LinkWare Live displays results on different screens.It can be accessed by different people at once, so meeting about the testing done is more leisurely. Everyone would have an idea of the status of their inspection. The machine determines which  wire  has an issue. Therefore, the installers could address the problem immediately. 


Design Like No Other


The bright yellow designs of the Fluke Versiv Certification system make it easier for consumers to find it. The DSX CableAnalyzer™ Series Copper Cable Certifiers is faster than any copper certifier. Because of that,the handheld device is the winner of the 2017 field tester award. The device provides accurate results since the company is using 2g. The adaptors could fit into different jocks making it more convenient for all users.


The analyzer quickly identifies copper from any other types of wirings. The device is ready for updates, so buying it would be a sound investment. The updates are based on the purpose of the device. The OptiFiber® Pro OTDR Family design is sturdy and rugged. The device allows itself to check two fibers at once. The loopback feature enables testers to check  in different directions, which saves the tester 50% of the time. Testing in different directions keeps the accuracy of the test reliable. 


Fluke Network Resources

The products’ features provide a trusting environment for testers and Network Plant Managers as the devices have their tracker. The employer does not need to check if a client has been serviced because everything can be seen on their screen. Moreover, the testers and engineers could head back straight to their homes. The tedious paper checklist is a thing of the past, with fluke networks.


Everything is paperless, engineers and testers keeps reports in a secured cloud. They do not need to create a manual filing system. For an instance, everything is segregated based on dates. The Linkware Live or the result displaying entity of Fluke provides an easy-to-follow set-up for the testers. There is no need to re-install complicated machines. The system already provides labels; therefore,there would be no need for a third-party application. The job Description based system sends tasks and reports to those who are assigned. There is no need to be specific if Mr. John Doe is a tester as long you encoded it from the start. 


Product Support Services


Fluke Networks dedicates users full time and attention. For an instance, they make sure that clients from different areas can comprehend their manuals. They design programs in a way that devices work on first installation. With the hectic schedules of Network Engineers, there are times when they would need a refresher about the products. 


Although it is improbable for the products to work improperly, the Fluke Network’s team has readily available support services for anyone using their products anywhere. The machines may require maintenance after years of heavy-duty usage. Each repair could be free because of the warranty provided. They prepared a super affordable repair fee for customers, after the their warranty period ends.

The Takeaway

Above all, wires, fibers, coppers, and networks are already complicated things to begin with. Fluke networks make devices to check wirings and fibers thoroughly. Moreover,  for a minimal cost for pieces of equipment, you are assured of quality results. When you use something you purchased a couple of times, you get the money you invest.

In addition to that, with Fluke Networks, employees follow schedules  without worry. They save time not only with the installation but with every use. Managers  can avoid  auxiliary budgets  because errors are mitigated. 


Fluke Networks is a game-changer for certification and testing. Have your award-winning certifiers or testing machines. For more information about how Seven IT Technologies can help you to provide maximum value for your investment with satisfaction, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at sales@sevenit.com

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