Fortinet: Your Next-Generation Firewall


The internet is bombarded with file sharing in just an hour. File sharing has been causing hassle to internal company processes. The more data are shared, the more complex the simple task becomes. Without modern technology, the system becomes inefficient.

High-speed internet is not enough to control the flow in an organization. While the internet plays a significant part in transferring communications internally and externally, each security software must simplify the data traffic. Fortinet Firewalls k eep suspicious software at bay.

Firewall with Advance Features:

As the world continues to change, legacy firewall softwares could not keep up anymore as businesses flourish. Firewalls with limited features could no longer detect the newly improved systems of malware and viruses. There are different sensitive data in the market, such as medical records, company sales reports, and government plans. A simple firewall would not be enough for these big organizations.


Stand-Out Firewall

Only the best among the rest is enough to keep all these threats away. Fortinet provides solutions beyond comparisons. Fortinet has a roster of quality products. Marketability is the reason why it remained to be a product of Seven It. Paying Penalties throughout the years have been inevitable due to the confusion brought about by different glitches in the transfer of data.


What we do

To understand what we do in Sevenit, we would give you the laymen’s terms for LAN and Wan and how the two are constantly being interchanged. Local Area Network is a group of computers that work together in the same company or corporation building. WAN, on the other hand, is a group of Lan working together for the same purpose. TO be able to protect both, only the best firewall would suffice. Here are the top reasons why Fortinet is an excellent firewall brand.


Highest Rating

Numbers do not lie, and Fortinet is part of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Network Firewalls. The rating was based on numerous tests done with different controlling variables. On top of that, Fortinet caters to half a million customers globally. While every other company claims that they are the best, third-party reviews always help determine its credibility. Fortinet remains to be number one.


Industry Ready Firewall: 

One of the components of a future-ready product is its ability to adapt to different types of environments. A firewall should serve more than one function. Almost all types of industries use Fortinet. The design makes it user-friendly to doctors as much as it is to government officials.


These companies may have different job descriptions, but their documents are equally important. The designs made by Fortinet are inclusive. The company’s goal is to cater to the general public and show them how to maximize the system for each job description.


Fast and exclusive end to end encryption:

Passing a message from the sender to the receiver is a primary task; however, companies are different. People are willing to spend thousands and millions of dollars to know their competitors’ secrets but not everyone do it legally. Not all organizations are ethical. Some would not bother stealing someone else’s bread and butter, while the rest are very cunning.


For protection, Firewalls provide end-to-end encryption where messages are turned into codes. People who are not the receiver of the messages would not understand the codes written inside. Only the system of company A makes it readable.


Legacy Systems Ready

Technology advances in the system of Fortinet make it possible to modernize how clients run their business. Legacy systems give a classical approach to business by using old methodology; however, some become obsolete in the long run. Communication is always up to date with Fortinet. New technology surfaces, and clients must be given access to it. Technology makes the business run in an organized matter. The risk of losing a ten-year-old database is now lessened without extra cause.


Deep cleaning capacity 

There are artificial intelligence movies that show how real robots could get. Although AI is there to help people, some abuse them for malicious intents. The typical firewall screens documents, files, and applications only solely based on location are a thing of the past.


Fortinet can detect even the most minuscule threats. The AI-powered system provides users with protection before actual threats happen. The system of Fortinet could readily detect bots in the slightest detail no matter how it tries to blend in with humans.


Easy to use

A firewall could confuse people when not used properly. Users may even have a hard time because of problems with the instructions. Luckily Fortinet products are straightforward to use. After installation, the system becomes entirely automated. Fortinet has a Seamless interoperability feature that guards the system for twenty-four hours. The system has a self-repair system that minimizes the task of an Information Technology Engineer.


At Seven IT, we believe that the benefits of a security platform would help your company grow. You can contact us at for more information and schedule a meeting with our consultants and sales team.

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