HPE’s Aruba: Expertise in Artificial Intelligence

AI harnesses technology in full automation. Aruba’s Artificial Intelligence‘s goal is to keep the user’s autonomy intact while creating a more straightforward practice process. Corporations are dependent on customer service platforms. Each company designs its websites to be more competitive against its rivals.

AI makes websites more responsive. The keyboard-using technology  gives customers a choice on which command they need in a particular moment. Responses are made in real-time.Each AI system is  unique. It provide users new experiences. Aruba is present in the business for eighteen years. The company restructures the way people use Artificial Intelligence. It believes in starting and ending transactions based on the client’s needs and wants.

Unlike any other AI company, Aruba commits to securing data for its customers using its Zero Trust principle. In a zero-trust environment, Aruba gives guests limited access to perform their activities. Aruba encrypts the application for end-users. With the rise of different AI companies in the Market, Aruba sets the bar higher with its unique features:

Pre-Empted AI Trouble Shooting:

Imagine having a great day at work and realizing that your network has a problem right then and there? This causes unimaginable  fatigue to the whole team. Now compare this situation to a 24/7 guarded company. An always alert system causes a little discomfort when a problem arises, but owners would not be unpleasantly surprised.

Aruba monitors the system non-stop. Instead of the typical troubleshooting, other IT company offers, the monitoring of the system is done for twenty-four hours. Because of the time spent to protect the data, troubleshooting becomes a breeze. There would be no problem to fix if the system is continuously cleaning itself. Owners could sleep knowing that they are protected.

AI Passerby Performance Management

Aruba knows when to optimize connection and when to provide network barriers.AI filters the traffic of people into customers and passersby, therefore maintaining stabilized connection. While sharing wifi may seem like a generous thing to do, it hampers one’s own business.

Exclusivity saves business costs and time. In line with this, businesses should fix positioning of wifi connections. The average placements overwhelms the system since a group of people may use the device simultaneously. Aruba makes sure that networks are safe from non-customers.

Exclusive Edge and Cloud Service Platform

Aruba ESP is the first-ever AI-powered platform that helps transfer files from a user’s computer to the cloud without hitches. With this feature, all files are therefore transferred uniformly and automatically. Instead of calling your colleagues to help you with your network problems, enjoy the innovative features of Aruba AI OPS. Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager helps you customize the access given to team members.

Aruba ESP and Aruba Artificial Intelligence Operating System are both Scalable and responsive. The company controls the private and the public cloud. The exclusive privilege lets users place in the public cloud more prominent information that requires less security and retain in files like profit and loss statements in the on-premise clouds.


Security From Threats Guaranteed

Firstly, Aruba threat defense capabilities defend against many threats, including phishing, denial of service (DoS), and increasingly widespread ransomware attacks. Phishing is illegally getting private applications, typically using surveys as bait. Denial of Service stops workers from using their own files and softwares.

In ransomware, an unknown user hostages your system. After that, they require you to pay for your own work resources. Sadly, hackers have been victimizing companies for revenue. Companies lose a lot of fortune but cannot do anything about it in the past. Luckily, Aruba is working for virtual security round the clock . Nevertheless, you and the AI feature of Aruba would not have a hard time fixing problems since monitoring was done in advance.


Robots are Easily Detected

Aruba AIOps can detect bots in just one checking.The organization sees through advanced and sophisticatedly designed viruses. Aruba is designed to check patterns, designs, and the inside the software; therefore, identifying which software operates is easy.

The fast pace world has created AI models which are humanlike in how they interact with the system. However, Aruba’s technology, as mentioned earlier, practice the Zero Trust Principle.

AI with 95% Confidence

Mistakes are inevitable but working with the information technology industry tells people not to commit one. Wrong data analysis makes clients trust the company less. The organization loses repeat customers over hitches. Luckily, Aruba Artificial Intelligence has a 95% confidence level. Because of this the machines would provide qualified results, and clients could remain relaxed.

AI Protection even in a remote area:

Physical meetings are impossible due to the life-threatening virus circulating the globe. The external threat is as worrisome as the threats faced by the systems due to spyware, malware, and ransomware. Luckily AIOps  gives you all the ESP-related solutions you need.

Working remotely through a solid wireless channel is now super easy. Edge Service Platform uses the technology of Artificial Intelligence, ensuring quick response to problems wherever you are. AIOps Monitors Wifi  24/7, which could give users secured connectivity.

Conclusion: Well Developed Applications in Less Time

Aruba AI helps companies lessen the time needed to develop their products by doing the tedious and repetitive tasks. Employees can now opt to focus on other tasks. With this said, employees, can use their time to be creative and to brainstorm. IT professionals are not even anxious about viruses and threats anymore. Employees could use the time they save to improve software.

Nonetheless, the outputs become greater. Aruba’s seventeen years of expertise paid off. The line-up of products is very purpose-specific. AI companies may have access to the same technology, but Aruba’s different approach and unique designs surely make it stand out from the rest.

At Seven IT, we believe that the benefits of a security platform would help your company grow. You can contact us at sales@sevenit.com for more information and schedule a meeting with our consultants and sales team.



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