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Fluke Networks is the world-leading provider of network test and monitoring solutions to speed the deployment and improve the performance of networks and applications. For over a decade, Fluke Networks has provided innovative solutions used by enterprises and telecommunications carriers that give network installers, owners and maintainers superior vision: combining speed, accuracy and ease of use to optimize network performance.

Seven IT Technologies, being a tier 1 partner with Fluke Networks, collaborates with its customers to find solutions in defined problematic areas of customer’s network environment to propose value added solutions. Some of our most recognized products and solutions include DTX Cable Analyzer for media testing, OptiView Network Analyzer for monitoring and analysis, AirMagnet for wireless network assurance, and Network Time Machine for forensic analysis.

IT Networking With FLUKE NETWORKS Solutions
● Hardware and software for enterprise monitoring, diagnostics, analysis, reporting, and application performance management across LANs, WANs, and wireless networks.

Problems are Hiding on your Network
● Gain enhanced visibility to find and solve critical performance problems – no matter where they hide.

Dynamic Threat Protection For The Wireless LAN
● AirMagnet Enterprise WLAN security and performance management eliminates Wi-Fi downtime and disruption by allowing organizations to dynamically update and defend the corporate network when new threats emerge.

60 Second Troubleshooting From The Client To The Cloud
● OneTouch™ AT Network Assistant is an all-in-one Gigabit Ethernet troubleshooter for copper, fiber optic and Wi-Fi networks that resolves problems fast, reduces troubleshooting time and can turn anyone into a troubleshooting expert.

Fluke Network’s Best Key Features For Network Solutions
● Application Aware Network Performance Management
● Centralized Network Troubleshooting
● Portable Network Analysis and Troubleshooting
● Portable Troubleshooting Tools
● Wireless Design, Analysis and Security

Contact us at sales@sevenit.com to discuss our solutions and offerings.

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