VMware is the global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure. Today, more than 200,000 customers rely on VMware solutions to achieve their business goals. VMware offers a unique, evolutionary path to cloud computing that reduces IT complexity, significantly lowers costs and enables more flexible, agile service delivery along with risk mitigation. For more information on VMware products and solution, please visit www.vmware.com

Seven IT Technologies, with accreditations and certified workforce, are able to provide multiple and varied intuitive solutions to clients from various industries in VMware products. Our solutions simplifies IT complexities by delivering agile, automated and efficient solutions in virtual infrastructure environment for clients from Healthcare, Hospitality, Educational, Enterprise, Financial or Government sector. Our solutions are equally beneficial for small business enterprises too whether that is cloud computing or virtualization.

Seven IT Technologies offers some of the following product lines to its clients:

Desktop Software
Server Software
Cloud Management Software
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
Backup Software
Networking and Security Products

To find out more about our customized solutions and products, please contact us at sales@sevenit.com

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